Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Teaching and Learning in the PYP

So what is teaching ? What is Learning?

Those were the big questions we were all interested in knowing more about during the three day workshop in Beijing.

As a workshop leader and practicing class teacher, I have to say that I do not enjoy preparing for workshops in isolation. The whole joy of being a learner comes from collaboration. I have a great PLN with whom I can share ideas and learn from. Unfortunately, there are, I have found, educators who are loathe to share their knowledge and experience. What a pity! They are never the ones who change people's lives! And we are in  the business of changing lives.

Edna Sackson, thank you!

Here are a few snippets and glimpses of the workshop.

The teachers were from different parts of the world. Ireland, Russia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and India. Some worked with kindergarten children, while others had taught TOK in high school at some point in their lives.  The room was abuzz with vibrant, knowledgeable, enthusiastic educators. But their greatest gift to  all the participants of this workshop, was their respectful demeanour which was maintained throughout the three days. It was a privilege to have worked with them!

It was quite a task to keep this group of teachers engaged and challenged. Using a variety of strategies and tools in order to drive home the point was fun. I learnt so much from them in the process!

David and his lovely wife. I hope they have had their baby by now!

When I look at this picture, I can only marvel at how these teachers thought deeply about EVERYTHING. What an inspiration they are! They did cheat on the artifact task though :)

Assessing their schools.

Sharing time.

Metaphors at work.

A continuum using our artifacts.



Testing out.

Dots doing the talking here...

Bum's up activity, well...sitting on chairs.

I loved how they worked in this group using one of the Visible thinking Routines.

Diamond ranking

It started snowing on the first day!

Presentation of personal inquiry cycles. 

Group work

Going solo.

Using a treasure box.

Atlas shrugged!

Our philosopher!

 I do hope to cross paths with these amazing educators sometime soon!

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