Sunday, November 30, 2014

Learning environment and inquiry workshop in Hongkong

November. I had the privilege of conducting a workshop at  PIPS, Hong kong.
Here are a few photographs to remind me of the wonderful learning that took place. Caveat:  be prepared for an explosion of colours which may play havoc with your senses.

 Hopes, Fears and Wonders

Chalk Talk 

The participants felt good about sharing their work. 

Some great texture and ideas in the ART room.

Fishing nets in the classroom. Great idea for displays.

A focus area in the classroom. The use of color to inspire students... the green calmed the kids a lot.

Plenty of children's work on display throughout the school.

The Principle, Mary.  Katie, the PYP Coordinator

I love the child-friendly atmosphere.

Teachers creating a before and after the presentation. They analyzed each and every slide so thoroughly. It was fun listening to their conversation. They referred to the 7 principles of design so fluidly in their conversations.

The red classroom, which gave angst to everyone!

The teachers were trying to use their understanding of classroom design and bring about changes... one step at a time.

A cute and enticing focus area: science investigations.

Trying to de-clutter

A transformed art room area.

Playing with the lighting.

Products from Ikea on display to create an ambience.

Loved this idea to make a tree!

Can you see the effect of the lighting. A warm glow pervades the classroom.

Garbage bags hang in the center of the class, creating a display area. Great idea!

Ending with even more questions!

The whole community was eager and bustling to get started.  I feel that the workshop excited and helped teachers realize they were already on the right path. The videos and articles simply helped them consolidate their understanding and give them focus.

I am eager to work on my own classroom!

See below: 7 principles of designs in the classroom.


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