Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Assessment for learning

I enjoy looking at data which I gather after a diagnostic task. It reveals so much about the different ways students think. This data which I am about to show you, reveals the misconceptions that my students still have. Some are baffling, while others indicate various levels of understanding. I am still trying to figure out how the students got certain answers! I am also putting to use what I learnt from a course at Stanford University, where Professor Jo Boaler emphasizes the power of mistakes. The most powerful thing a teacher can do is to teach students how to embrace mistakes and use them as stepping stones for learning rather than cringe when they make one! My next lesson is going to be an exciting one. The students will be analyzing each others mistakes and trying to pinpoint misconception. This will be followed by a metacognitive activity where they will reflect on the whole process of analyzing mistakes. I will post their reflections later on.

The Diagnostic Task

Rubric Problem Solving

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