Friday, February 15, 2013

Grade 3s start their writing workshop

These last 2 weeks have been busy. The students were introduced to the writing process and it took us over a week to get some pieces published. Though I felt quite drained by the end of it, the end result had me rubbing my hands in glee. Their final published work, (though still with a few minor errors), was a work of art! :) I am so proud of my little ones.

Not only did the students learn about underlining verbs and nouns and adding resepective adverbs and adjectives, they also had to show when to use commas and quotation mark. Having created a checklist right at the beginning of the work shop helped them stay focused.

All the skills they learnt during the course of this term were put to use. Using energetic sentence starters, adding new words from the word wall, and using the thesaurus were among some skills they had to exhibit.

Here are some shots of my students at work.

Where do you start a paragraph?

2nd draft

The writing process, along with the checklist

Working on the 3rd draft

Completely immersed in writing

At the computer center, looking up the thesaursus for new words


A closer look

Our writing wall

I asked my students if they would like to participate in another workshop anytime soon. They gave me a dazed look, and suggested a month's time!  I think creating  a sense of pride in their work is what I was aiming for, along with the understanding that a good piece of writing needs a lot of effort and time.

They keep popping into the class to gaze at their writing. :)

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