Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Using technology for the summative assessment

The students of year 4 are learning about natural disasters. It is a great unit as it allows students to build a thorough understanding of cause and effect relationships among other things. They learn how people cope with and organize themselves during a disaster. Even though we live in a relatively safe part of India, it would be naive to presume nothing could ever happen to us.

Most disaster happen quite suddenly (apart from drought). The students have been learning how to keep themselves safe. An expert member of the rescue team in New Zealand , and a member of the FOCUS team (an organization that has a lot of experience managing disasters throughout the world) have been our alternate source of information. We also skyped with a school in Australia to find out how they cope with disaster.

For their summative task, the students are finding , sorting, and creating a wiki for their unit of inquiry.
They will be assessed on their ability to find information from at least 3 different types of sources; cite their sources; sort the information into different pages; add videos, slide shows, glogs, prezis or  toondos in order to show their understanding of a disaster. They also need to include a page on how people organize themselves and the effects a disaster has on our lives and the environment.

The summative assessment will require students to have a thorough grasp of some of the tools they have used throughout the year.


Disasters represented through the medium of watercolours.

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