Saturday, March 10, 2012

An award ceremony 'for' or 'by' teachers?

I was thrilled the other day, to watch an ostentatious award giving ceremony for teachers. "Finally!" I exclaimed to myself. I sat up straight and started watching (as opposed to flicking channels in a desultory fashion). Just like we celebrate actors and musicians, isn't is time we added some glamour to the teaching profession??!

 I scanned the crowd to see if I could spot Sir Ken Robinson, Kathy Short, or Sugata Mitra.

Nope. Apparently it was an award ceremony for 'other' people. I didn't really care who. It  was funded by...

For those who drink whiskey, I am sure you would have known from the start.
So much for wishful thinking. Foolish me.


  1. Hi Naini! Not foolish at all! When I firsy saw this advertised I came to exactly the same conclusion and was just as disappointed - and I come from much nearer to Scotland (so whisky, not whiskey)!!

  2. Can't even spell it!

  3. I shouldn't worry about it - it is one of those oddities of the English language!! Whisky for Scotch, whiskey for Irish!


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