Sunday, February 12, 2012

A teacher's antidote to stress

Life can become hectic for us teachers. What does a Friday feel like to you sometimes? By the end of the day, I feel like having a hot bath, switching off my mobile phone, and ignoring everyone around me. For my Masters program, the first thing we were made aware of was the intense stress teachers go through and how important it is to make time for yourself.

I always felt selfish when I took out a little 'me' time. My kids would be banging on the door while I was getting a massage done at home. When I would come out after one hour, feeling happy, I would get sarcastic looks from everyone in the house! But I always knew that if I did not take out some time for myself, I would get mad!

I love Hatha Yoga. Every morning I feel and enjoy the stretches; I am conscious of how I breath. I silently communicate with my body and get to know it. With a little practice, this becomes a really good habit.

I love smooth pebbles! I collect them whenever I see one that intrigues me. I rub the pebble between my fingers; sometimes I wash it and taste it:) Believe me, each pebble tastes a little different! Lately, I bought some acrylic paint and started painting on them. I took one to class and started painting one in front of my students. The passion and creativity seemed to flow from me to them.

Recently, I have joined a book club, 'The Artist's Way' led by Michelle Baker, a woman I admire a great deal. She was one person who made me feel good about myself. She gave me the courage to dream. Through this course, I hope to deal with all my fears and insecurities and become a creative, fearless and better human being.

These little moments help me guard the passion I have for my profession. Today, right now, I am a very calm and relaxed person. I hope to keep nurturing me this way. How do you nurture yourself? What little creative secret do you harbour? Do share! :)


  1. Good posting! Exercise in any form is always good; walking the dog and stroking him/her; associating with people who have a positive outlook on life (radiators not drains!); reading a non-work-related book; blogging!;learning to prioritise; not being a perfectionist. I sure that other people will be able to add to this.

  2. Great thanks James:)The positive outlook in life is very true! Learning to prioritize...thats a tough one:)

  3. One way to prioritise is to flip the usual advice, and make a list of things that you are NOT going to do each day!


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