Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Teacher Leadership: Skills and Dispositions

Teacher Leader

Are you a teacher leader? If you think I mean sitting in an office all day and pounding on your computer and issuing orders...and making enemies in the process, then abandon this premise!
All you have to do is stick your neck out a little bit and follow your dreams. Find something in your environment that needs changing. Be passionate. Passion is contagious. .

So now that everyone is infected with your passion, what is your role?
Can you model the appropriate behaviour? (In other words, practice what you preach). Can you sustain this passion in others? Are you focused and do you always keep the students in your mind?

What could be the challenges that lie ahead of you? Doubt? Negativity? Fear? Can you conquer them? Shrug them off? Can you take that bold step and make a change in the lives of your students, peers and school?
Can you make a difference in other people's lives in ways that extend beyond your classroom walls?
Do you get along well with your colleagues? Are you the solution to a problem rather than the problem itself? Can you maintain a sense of collegiality rather than congeniality with other teachers?

Most importantly, are you comfortable empowering others without feeling that you may loose some of your authority?

Take a close look at your students. Do they behave like leaders? Do they take charge, motivate others, solve problems, resolve conflicts, take a back seat and allow their peers a share of the limelight? If they do, I think you are a great teacher leader!

Teacher leadership is all about empowering others. Seems paradoxical, doesn't it?


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