Saturday, October 8, 2011

Once a teacher...

I am enjoying walking the streets of India. They  are vibrant; the smell and noise can be overpowering, but when in the right spirit, it can be an extremely enjoyable and adventurous experience. The best thing about the streets are the little surprises that one finds along the way. Blue Rajasthani ceramic pottery dot the dusty roads and add bright colour to the city. I picked up a special kind of pot that every household Indian has at home.It even has a little lamp attached to it. People grow basil in these pots as it is considered an auspicious plant. Well, no harm in inviting the deity to your home. So I got my pot. Each side has a different deity staring benevolently at you!
My friend and I strolled into an ethnic shop. Indian silk and cotton fabrics draped the walls and shelves. The colours were vibrant and the patterns on them were amazing. Deep rich blues and rustic terracotta colors teased the senses... Shades of whites will muted gold and silver filigree work. I bought a saree for my mum. A Gadwal saree...cream with a dirty orange and gold border. Stunning.
What I bought next was hilarious. Once a teacher, always a teacher.

I am thrilled with these little figurines. They might be dokras from Orissa, but I am not very sure. I love the expression on their faces. I wish all my students were like this during DEAR time :)


  1. A wonderfully vivid description! And I love the statues too. Great to hear about your adventures.

  2. I love your site! Thanks for sharing it in your post for the class tonight! Great stuff:) You really seem to have a great start in technology education! ~Jodi


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