Saturday, October 22, 2011

How we share the world: involving students in the planning process

Summary of Unit - Poster

In the last unit, I kept my central idea a mystery and tried to provoke my students' interests. This time, I will try another strategy. They will have everything on their platter ( from the poster above). I will encourage students to help me plan the lessons. They will be given the option of choosing the graphic organizers which they think will best suit them, in order to pursue the lines of inquiry. In groups, they will decide which resources to use and will subsequently delegate work to each other. They will take total control of their learning. My students are new to PYP (inquiry-based learning) It will be interesting to see how they perform.

Here are the Graphic Oganizers the students will choose from.

My students mainly come from ESL backgrounds and find the websites very hard to understand. I have spent a few pleasant minutes browsing the internet for the most suitable websites and created a customized search engine for them. I hope this faciltates their learning.I have placed it in their class blog.

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