Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First day jitters of a nervous teacher

I did not have the luxury of meeting with the kids during the summer camp in July. I was nervous and hoped they would like my face. Bright eyed, chirpy , extremely smart kids came up to me with more confidence than I could muster. One looked at me and smiled and seemed happy that I would be her teacher. Phew!
I come from Africa...that is how I was introduced. The kids looked at me in wonder and I overheard two of then talking during break time, analysing the colour of my skin and wonderiong where I fit in.

These children are completely new to PYP ; they are very comfortable with their mother tongue. English does not come easily to them though they speak it loudly and with infinite confidence.I knew I had a challenge ahead of me. I have to introduce the the pyp lingo very slowly. I looked at my wall where all the attitudes, concepts, learner profiles glared beadily at me...maybe one word at a time? What is the hurry?

I would love to share my first weekly planner with my you if you are reading this and interested :)

Click on the link and press the plus sign to enlarge

Year 4 pyp planner for first week of school term 1

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Naini. I too get nervous before the first day, especially in a new school & new country! Hope you are settling well. Would love to hear how your first week goes. Thanks for sharing your planner as well.


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