Sunday, May 1, 2011

Literature circles

I have just introduced literature circle in my classroom. I thought the kids were ready as they had been independently using reading strategies for sometime. It would be quite interesting to observe whether they were able to further their appreciation of books through literature circle discussions. After taking them through what literature circle was all about and having short mini lessons on each of the roles they were to have, I let them loose. From the videos, I could assess myself as a guide. I know :( I should talk a little less and listened more. It's good practice I think for teachers to record themselves and see where they are going wrong and what they did good.
The questions we ask are so crucial. While listening, I was reflecting how I could ask better questions, pause a while longer...
So at the risk of exposing goes. Excuse the quality of video. They are shot from my Android.

I will try and post the other videos as soon as possible!

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