Thursday, May 19, 2011

Inquiry into Money

Central idea: Markets are organized to enable the exchange of goods and services.

This is the big idea the students will learn by the end of the 4 short weeks ahead of us.
How do we help them understand the role of money? The Barter trade is a good way to start. The students will be asked to bring an item that they want to barter. And then we let them loose.
Chaos! The students were mingling, negotiating, persuading, assessing, planning and communicating! They clearly understood what double coincidence (during the trade) without me having to teach them anything!

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  1. Fantastic! great video, full of energy and excitement. When the idea of money is introduced, and how it makes the exchange of goods easier, they'll completely appreciate its need. I never did things like this when I was at school...


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