Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A lesson plan for the learner profiles?!

Something small, but I feel like writing about it.
I don't know why I become a little teary when I think of this incident that happened in my classroom today.
           Yesterday, a thursday, a day when I have the kids almost throughout the day, a day when I do feel overwhelmed a bit I admit!...while I was going through my drawer (which is a mess!) I found a pair of my favourite craft scissors... broken. Someone had attempted to repair it by wrapping masking tape around it. I was upset of course because no one had come to tell me about it.
I asked the class who had opened my drawer and taken the scissors and broken it. There was silence. A few eyes popped; a few jaws dropped in utter disbelief. I continued to look at them sternly,  not expecting (unfortunately) any response whatsoever, when from the corner of my eyes I saw a hand slowly, tentatively rise up. I asked the little girl if she had broken it. She said she had. I do expect my kids to be honest, but I spend most parts of the day dealing with children who try and fob things off onto others. I thanked her for being honest and told her it was okay.The students were puzzled at how easily the matter ended. I gave them time to digest what had happened and the next day, asked them to reflect upon the incident. It was a great moment of learning. How does one teach children about being principled unless they are put to the test? In our PYP curriculum students are expected to exhibit qualities of "being" Principled, Open-minded, Balanced etc, but these are very abstract concepts.This was a great way to teach the children about truth;about facing consequences. No lesson planned!


  1. She had almost certainly not intended to break them, it was merely an accident, and had then tried to repair them. She must have felt terrible. Shall I buy you some new ones?

  2. Hi David, I know what you mean! It also made me reflect more about me as a person. The student should have felt comfortable coming and telling me. I have to be calm on a Thursday!!!!

  3. Naini, great posting! How often do we lose it....for nothing. But it takes an incident like that to open our minds and appreciate who we have in our lives and how important little gestures, words, actions are. To have a student put up their hands shows a classroom environment that has evolved over time and provided opportunities for students to be themselves, reflect on their learning and behavior, while at the same time develop those attitudes(LP) THAT WE ALL NEED IN OUR LIVES. Thanks for sharing!


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