Saturday, January 29, 2011

16 ways to improve your teaching practice

The principles of education from the International Academy of Education...

o Begin each lesson with a re-cap of previous learning;
o Present each section in small chunks and allow for consolidation of learning following each input;
o Limit the amount of lesson material handed to pupils – this needs to be ‘de-chunked’;
o Gives clear and detailed instructions – make sure that everyone understands what your expectations are;
o Ask (and invite) questions to check understanding;
o Provide a significant amount of practice to reinforce learning;
o Provide guidance, support and advice;

o Think out loud and model concepts into context appropriate to the learner;
o Provide solution based models;
o Ask pupils to explain what they have learned;
o Check feedback from all pupils;
o ALWAYS provide feedback on progress and learning;
o Use time efficiently to provide examples;
o Re-teach parts of the lesson if needed;
o Prepare pupils for assessments and further practice;
o Monitor and track the progress of all pupils.

This is where I would become a fly on my wall and observe myself teaching. I don't know if that makes much sense to my readers!

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