Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What teachers are expected to do!

I came across this video, which was indeed funny and scary, from a tweet this evening which really pinpoints the dilemma teachers face. The mechanical male voice droning out the teacher expectations and the sane female voice of reason , though sexist, drives home the message quite clearly. As a teacher, I do feel the pressure of covering the curriculum. I am aware of parent expectation( though I am very often disappointed by the lack of commitement on their part. They seem to think i'ts the teachers job to get it all done). I know the pressure that the management is under when the kids don't score too well in standardized tests. But because of this rush (what train are we catching?! what flight are we missing?!), we are forgetting that learning has to be spontaneous, fun and must go at the pace of the child and teacher. If the teacher is not comfortble, will the students be?


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  1. Perfectly stated, Naini. And as you say, the video sums it up entirely. I liked it when she was speechless and just turned and looked at us as if to say "what do you do with such a fool?"


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