Friday, October 22, 2010

Using web2.0 technology for a summative assessment

While school is on, there is very little time to sit down and reflect. There are endless PDs to rush to and lots of editing to do. I agree with a twitter buddy of mine when he said that twitter was the best pd he had ever had.

True.I have learnt so much though my twitter buddies! I relish the mid term holidays which allows me to reflect and try out new things.and this is what i will share with whoever wants to read this post!

I created a weebly website as part of the next summative assessment. The students will go through all the phases of the inquiry cycle (tuning in/wondering stage, Investigation stage, construction stage etc). When they are in the Express phase of the cycle, they will use the new website to design a page for their ecosystem. They are encouraged to use multimedia in the page.
The parents can clearly see the requirements and there is a caveat for them asking them to stay clear when it comes to them helping the kids out (at this phase)! Check out the site and tweet me your comments @nainisingh

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