Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Mentor

Students need mentors. So do teachers. And Ms Shukla Bose is one of my mentors. As I watched this video, I could only feel an intense admiration for this soft spoken lady who achieved what we  all dream of : to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. That is why we human beings are here on Earth. And teacher have the best opportunity to change the lives of children who are the victims of poverty and abuse.

When we do something with love and passion time and money don't make much of a difference. No wonder those teacher who started a school on the roof top are still together. And that very passion is drawing renowned professors from Stanford, etc to teach in Ms Bose's schools!

Compare this scenario with our schools where the teacher turnover is very high. Teachers leave because of better opportunities and better pay. Perfectly understandable and yet what if we started putting those kids we teach as our first priority? What if we took time out and taught the less fortunate on a Saturday afternoon?
The question for me would be, do I have enough of Shukla Bose in me?

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  1. hi..i am the same lady who emailed to u today.Just to share that i am doing my bit to the same cause as Shuklaji..i teach alternate days for an hour to my maids girl who is about 7years.She wasnt progressing well and still in grade 1 so i thought i help her out:))


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