Monday, August 16, 2010

Forward March

Schools have to move along with the times!
Watch this inspiring video from New Brunswick, Canada.

But how can we change minds?. How can we go about exciting people who are set in their ways or who have gone through an educational system that relies mainly on rote learning, grading system, etc. Upon reflection, I too have gone through the same systems and yet I am willing to change and move forward. So what is it in me  that wanted to do this in spite of my background? My curious nature, wanting to make connections with the  world, a willingness to change and make a difference, empathy for the kids... I've made a small difference in my community of learners/teachers. I've taught my kids how to blog and use the classroom wiki. I've encouraged a colleague to create her own blog. I will make a small presentation in school using this video to excite others. Small steps at a time will harness change and I know I will be part of it!

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