Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Do you feel as though you are the one struggling to make sense of the digital world ?Are you trying to do  as many things as you can at the same time? Have you seen colleagues, unconcerned about the digital revolution,  walking nonchalantly past you? If they are stuck, you'll help them anyways!
I see and acknowledge the potential around me. Twitter, for instance, is alive and buzziiing. But sometimes I sense a certain frenzy among teachers and I feel we could be headed for a burn out.
Don't get me wrong here. When I am excited about something, I hate it when my cautious peers advise me about what could go wrong. But I truly feel that we need to take a deep breath. I draw a lot of inspiration from my mother. She has a passion for learning. This passion is transmitted to the students and they simply love her. And yet she has no idea of technology!
A bus load of high school biology students descended at our doorstep to tell Ma, when she left school, that she was one of the most amazing teachers they had ever had.
She listened to them. She inspired them.
I want to be like that. And hey, when I feel a tool is out there that suits our needs, we'll use it!

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