Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My goals as a pyp teacher

We have been givn appraisal forms to fill over the summer holidays. For the first time, I feel I know what I am writing and why! I seem to have found what I am looking for. Yipee! My goals for the following year :
1)To continue to make my classroom a fun and exciting place where students want to learn.
2)To teach my students as many web 2.0 tools as possible so that they can decide how to direct and present their learning.
3)To help my colleagues who want to learn more about how to use technology in the classroom.
4)To continue pouring over blogs from other amazing teachers around the world and learn from them.
5)To connect world wide with other classrooms and let students appreciate the power of technology that knows no borders.
Hard to achieve? Absolutely not.
I feel refreshed and energized. But first, I have to browse through the ponderous catalogues and order manipulatives for the class. Um...i'll try and make that exciting too!
Here is a video posted by a 7th grade who uses Symbaloo. Check it out. A paperless class is where I am headed? You? :)

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