Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Differentiating math in class

Alright. We've got a curriculum to cover. And I have to make sure I have fun teaching it too. Math can be tough to teach unless we have a thorough understanding of and passion for the subject. I did fairly well in Math until i went to high school. From there, everything went downhill.How do I make sure my students have a solid foundation in math before they reach the craggy shores of high school?!
Creating centres and stations in the classroom are a great way to go about it as it allows teachers to use the pre-assessment results to plan ahead and differentiate lessons.So far, judging by the reaction of the students and parents, I feel I am going in the right direction...yet there is always that niggling feeling that something could be done better.I don't believe in very detailed planning.We have to observe, record and then plan efficiently.Every one has a different style of teaching and planning. So the bottom line is get to know your objectives thoroughly, and then relax and enjoy the Math! It can be immensely fun. I have learned a lot in primary grade about things that were never really clarified when I was a kid. Isn't that really sad!
Visuals help me a lot to understand things. I found this presentation on Math stations and centres.

Math Stations

From works of Carol Ann Tomlinson.

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