Thursday, June 10, 2010

Market place in the clasroom

Market places

My grade 4s are buzzing with excitement. Math, reading , writing seems to have gone for a six. They are setting up a market within the class. The room is chaotic. Loud, excited voices, stalls, boards falling, cello tape, stapler guns, blue tak, me hollering from time to time... My classroom is a mess. But the kids are learning how to run a business in all that pandemonium. They are doing what people do when they set up businesses.  Making mistakes, competing, planning, organizing, observing, asking, surveying.From time to time, when some one screams really loudly, or breaks rules, like going into another persons stall, I fine them. They are living the real life. The less I controlled it, the better. The rules determine every aspect of their business and they know it!

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