Saturday, May 29, 2010

SSA or student selected activity

I decided to write about this because I think we need to appreciate the importance of SSA. I have been at home lately waiting for my work permit to come through (more time for blogging!)My son came home yesterday from school and told me that the little cherubs in my class were very upset because they were not allowed SSA. What constitutes SSA? Well, I have a number of interesting math and spelling actvities along with countless board games and manipulatives, scrap paper, colouring pencils, etc. Every Wednesdays, I allow these angels free reign and for half an hour...welcome to chaos in my classroom! This time is theirs and no one tells them what to do. School life can be so structured and stifling for the kids and we need to find opportunities to empower them and allow them to decide what they want to learn. I know, structure is important, but hey, look at the way their faces light up when its SSA.
SSA is about choice, freedom, and fun. That's the time when true learning takes place. The clever teacher should be craftily designing interesting learning activites and tell the students (very innocently) that it's just another game. They'll definitely learn what you want them to, pretty quickly. Ah yes, lastly, dont sit at your desk and blog during that time! Get on your knees and play with them.Scream (level 4), holler (level 3 and a half) and get your hands dirty. They will love you all the more :)

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