Thursday, May 27, 2010

Afraid of Technology?

A student had to make a presentation about the peoples of Mombasa. He was all set to write a report in word but was again debating whether he should create a power point instead.

I asked him if he was willing to try something new and I could see the heistation in his eyes. He feared that anything new might be rejected. Probing deeper, I found he was afraid of basically three things: Firstly, taking risks in case he did something that was not expected; Secondly, incase people did not know how to use the new technology and lastly, getting poor marks! Are we not as educators supposed to encourage children to take risks and go for it? Should they be stifled because we are not abreast with technology? Kids will surprise you with how quickly they can decode complex instructions. Well, this child decided to go for it and here's what he came up with. I am positive his teachers will be thrilled with this. I am just happy I was able to nudge him along.

I'd like to add a link of an interesting blog which talka about the same thing.

This is an excerpt:

As teachers we need to be aware that many of our students are living two lives: a digital one at home and a non-digital one at school. Many students can do so much, just using their mobile phones, yet these are often banned by schools. The phone is a communication device where students can go to make things - where they change from being consumers of media to creators of media. He asked: What is the next big thing we will ignore at school?

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  1. Wow! What a great presentation. This student certainly needs a pat on the back for showing us how presentations could be done. Keep it up. :)


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